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Conservation Updates

How Does REDD+ Benefit Biodiversity?


Sable Antelope

Our approach at BCP is to partner with communities and the government to protect, restore and restock African dryland forests. In addition to resource protection, appropriate restocking is one of the best ways to accelerate the restoration of wildlife to their carrying capacities in global wildlife strongholds like Zambia’s Luangwa ecosystem. We teamed up with Munyamadzi Game Reserve to co-fund a sable restocking effort as part of a vision for more areas of the Luangwa Valley to return to carrying capacities. While this particular effort is on private land, the area is unfenced and the wildlife in time could move into community forests. A perfect example of #carbonfinance directly increasing wildlife! Additionally, these sable were purchased from private game ranches and not wild captured, thereby contributing to supporting the wider wildlife economy in Zambia.

If you’d like to find out more about the significance of protecting existing African dryland forests check out this article by BCP’s Board of Directors member, Dr. Hassan Sachedina.


Hassan Sachedina, PhD

BCP Founder and Non-Executive Director of BCPZ and BCPM

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