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Protecting and Connecting Vital Legacy Landscapes throughout Africa

BCP are at the forefront of conservation efforts, resource protection, and ecosystem restoration

Using innovative community incentives, carbon science, and digital monitoring techniques, BCP, communities, and our Government and conservation partners are at the forefront of conservation efforts, resource protection, and ecosystem restoration.

African species still migrate through large landscapes in Sub-Saharan Africa including endangered species such as elephants, lions, and wild dogs. The Luangwa-Lower Zambezi eco-system is one of the world’s last 10 remaining wildlife legacy landscapes on Earth.

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We tackle the root causes of deforestation and wildlife crime at a community level

Up to 83% of rural Zambians face critical poverty 

Poverty drives deforestation as communities cut forests to generate income from agriculture and charcoal. Wildlife populations are threatened as a source of food or as an alternative income to vulnerable people, with the international demand for ivory, pangolin scales, and trophies higher than ever before.

Climate Change threatens the most vulnerable

Climate change has altered rainfall in Zambia. When rural communities experience severe crop failure due to drought, many supplement their income with forest cutting and illegal hunting.



Zambia remains one of the most heavily forested countries in Africa and contains phenomenally diverse and spectacular wildlife legacy landscapes. However, current land-use practices don’t generate the resources necessary to effectively conserve these natural resources.

Our REDD+ project areas protect numerous wildlife species that are considered vulnerable or endangered under the IUCN and are at risk of extinction:

African Wild Dogs, Temminck’s Pangolin, African Leopard, African Lion, African Elephant and the Southern Ground Hornbill. 


Resource Protection

Our Community Scouts are locally hired and trained by the Department of National Parks and Wildlife to patrol protected forest boundaries. These scouts work to stop poaching, illegal encroachment, and deforestation.

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Thank you to all of our donors for your invaluable donations towards wildlife protection in our project areas!


BCP Supported Community Scouts patrolling the REDD+ zones


Of Whom are Women


Total Annual Conservation Days in 2022


Airwing Hours Flown carrying out aerial monitoring of REDD+ zones in 2022


Forest Monitoring Team

Our Forest Monitoring Team is a select group from the local community who have been trained to collect data on biomass, illegal logging, wildlife, and soils and helped to achieve 9 Verified Carbon Standard verifications for the Lower Zambezi REDD+ Project and 4 VCS verification for the Luangwa Community Forests Project. Working with the Community Scouts and the Carbon Accounting and GIS team they use GPS technology and satellite imagery to identify areas affected by deforestation and encroachment. Under SMART they also use a smartphone application to collect forest carbon data and to record and track wildlife sightings of key species such as lions, ground hornbills, and wild dogs. This is a great asset to our Conservation team!


Trees are estimated to be protected from deforestation under LZRP


Trees estimated to be protected from deforestation under LCFP


Carbon Science

We undertake biomass and soil assessments to quantify carbon stored in trees, as well as Geospatial analysis using satellite imagery to calculate deforestation rates.


Average tons of carbon units issued from the 8th Verified Carbon Standard verification to date in LZRP


Average tons of carbon units issued from the 3rd Verified Carbon Standard verification to date in LCFP


Protecting Wild Spaces

Our projects protect areas of vital forests that are threatened. We work to create land management systems that support infrastructure, security, and biodiversity monitoring. Protection activities taking place under the Lower Zambezi REDD+ Project and the Luangwa Community Forests Project protect not only the forests but also wildlife that depends on these areas for habitat.


Hectares protected under LZRP


Hectares protected under LCFP

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