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Luangwa Community Forests Project

Voted the Best Individual Offsetting Project in 2021, and again in 2023; the LCFP is the largest REDD+ Project in Africa, and arguably, the largest in the World in terms of quantified social impacts. Having welcomed 5 new Chiefdoms to the Project in 2022, LCFP now protects over 1.2 million hectares of dryland forests.


Delivering award-winning carbon credits, life-changing impacts, and nature-based solutions



Total Hectares of Forest Protected



Estimated Trees Protected



Households Benefit Directly from Forest Carbon Revenue



Community Beneficiaries



Net Estimated Emission Reductions in the Project Area Since Inception



Community and Livelihood Impact Projects Implemented Since Inception


The project benefits over 220,000 people in some of Zambia's most impoverished provinces By delivering High-Integrity and High-Value Carbon Credits

The project partners with 17 Chiefdoms and is implemented on communal land within the Game Management Areas (GMAs) surrounding National Parks with a small percentage in private game ranches.

In 2021 our Government partners through the Forestry Department officially approved the establishment of the 15,000+ hectare Mpanshya Wildlife Corridor. This strategic corridor links two of Zambia’s most important biodiversity areas of the Lower Zambezi and Luangwa ecosystems.

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BCP supported Community Scouts


Number of Beekeeping farmers registered


Lead Farmers trained in Conservation Farming techniques


Disbursed in Carbon and Livelihood Fees since Inception


% Kwacha increase in annual household income since inception


indirect revenue generating opportunities created


WASH Projects since Inception


Education Related Projects since Inception


Health Related Projects since Inception

The Luangwa-Lower Zambezi ecosystem is one of the last 10 strongholds on earth for lions

The Luangwa Valley is one of the greatest wildlife strongholds remaining on Earth; home to African wild dogs, elephants, leopards, and lions.

The Luangwa River, one of Africa’s longest undammed free-flowing rivers, is a pivotal lifeline to one of the richest wildlife concentrations on earth. The valley topography presents breathtaking beauty in the landscape while also keeping wildlife population density in the area high, resulting in a strong tourism industry that contributes significantly to Zambia’s economy.

REDD+ is proving to be a durable form of conservation finance on the African continent

The LCFP works to address key drivers of deforestation while also benefitting local communities by reducing poverty, creating sustainable incomes, improving social services, and encouraging conservation.

REDD benefits go beyond climate mitigation and have directly benefited communities in our project areas that are most impacted by climate change. We know that forests are our lungs and are critical in regulating our climate. We believe REDD is a critical tool to keep these forests standing. The carbon market has the potential to transform the landscape of forest conservation as a viable way to conserve existing dryland forests, working in parallel to offer indigenous communities’ options to build resilience as they transition to climate-smart alternatives.

Ecosystem destruction continues to accelerate year on year. Unlike some credit types, REDD has the potential to benefit people TODAY, and we are able to demonstrate substance through our impacts. As the population of our warming climate grows there is an imminent need to intensify our adaptation to climate-smart initiatives. The actors and beneficiaries are our local communities, institutions, and partners, all of whom play a critical role in the BCP mission. Our projects have been our testament to a transforming green economy through carbon finance. Direct payments and livelihood restorations positively resulted in a steady increase in household income, job creation, and essential services, all while conserving some of the world’s last remaining legacy landscapes that are home to critically endangered species.

Our 2022 impact report will take you on a trip through our projects, allowing you to hear firsthand from some of our beneficiaries.

This year, the LCFP achieved its 4th consecutive verification and 1st additional issuance since 2019. While LZRP has continued to deliver exceptional benefits to community climate and biodiversity and was verified for the 9th consecutive time! BCP was proud to have both our projects selected as NCS in Action. The NCS in Action are testimonials designed to highlight the benefits for people and nature associated with NCS projects and programs financed through the voluntary carbon market.

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