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REDD+ forest conservation


We take a Holistic Approach to REDD+ Forest Conservation to Understand the Link between Poverty, Environmental Degradation, and Climate Change

REDD+ Forest Conservation

Follow internationally recognised standards

We follow internationally recognised standards of obtaining “Free, Prior, and Informed Consent” in order to work with communities to protect forests. This ensures that communities understand and agree to a REDD+ forest protection project.

Following the principles of Free, Prior and Informed Consent

By following the principles of “Free, Prior and Informed Consent,” we engage with communities to explain the importance of protecting forests, and the key role they play. We do this through community meetings, mapping and “ground truthing” activities that allow communities to visit and confirm the proposed boundaries of forests to protect. We also work with traditional leaders and community ambassadors who represent each area.

REDD+ forest
Fly Community representatives over their forests

Going further with Free Prior and Informed Consent: Beyond normal methods of engaging communities, we also use a light aircraft to fly community representatives over their forests. This activity gives community representatives an aerial view of their forests, and helps them identify and confirm the areas they are proposing to protect.

REDD+ forest
Ground Truthing

Ground Truthing: Community representatives and BCP walk along the proposed boundaries of the protected forest before the boundaries are confirmed.

REDD+ forest
Long-term binding agreements (30+ years)

The community and BCP enter into long-term (30+ years) binding agreements to keep the forest protected in the areas that we have agreed.

Carbon Offset Project Developers

Together with the community we work to protect the forest and make investments into local livelihoods. We aim to improve infrastructure, education, provide training and deliver other benefits that can be linked to forest protection. Our community investments are funded through the sale of verified Forest Carbon Offsets.

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