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Climate Action

A Fresh Approach: We have teamed up with Respira International in 2021!

We are excited to share that BCP has entered into a partnership with Respira International Limited, who will now handle all sales for the LCFP project, while we focus on scaling.

Photo by Gina Woolley.

We need to do more, and we need to do it now if we want to meet the targets set out under the UNFCCC Paris Agreement. BCP’s plan is to scale and reach our Thirty-Cubed goal by 2030: 30 million tons of carbon reduced annually across 30 million acres, benefiting 3 million people in Africa by 2030.

Africa emits less than 1% of global emissions, yet the increased temperatures and a greater likelihood of extreme weather events resulting from climate change are projected to increase the threat of drought and increased water scarcity in Africa. Only impacting further, and increasing the fragility of food security for parts of the continent that already faces barriers when it comes to accessing food and water. African countries need more control, greater impact, and superior resources in the global fight against climate change. The success of the REDD+ model in LCFP, implemented with Zambian Government and the 12 Chiefdoms with whom we have partnered under the LCFP, has proven the effectiveness of an African county as a real player in the global carbon market. We want to continue to work alongside governments in the region as a technical advisor as we strive to put Africa at the forefront of REDD+ and climate action globally.

Ambitious? Absolutely! Unattainable? No!

In order to focus on our goal, we have teamed up with Respira International, an impact-driven carbon finance business aligned with BCP’s mission of making conservation of wildlife habitat valuable to people. Respira has provided revenue certainty for the project, ensuring continuity of benefits to community and conservation stakeholders.

We are pleased to announce that Respira will now handle all sales for the LCFP project.

About Respira International

Respira channels private capital into climate solutions, ensuring long-term relationships with trusted carbon project developers that enable clients to use nature-based solutions to build sustainable, climate positive businesses and portfolios.

Respira’s team combines a 30+ year track record in global financial markets with a deep understanding of carbon project development in leading international conservation organisations. Respira uses its balance sheet to support projects through long-term offtake agreements. This provides project developers with the resources they need to expand and buyers the ability to lock-in future prices and build business resilience.

A ton of good: World class offsets providing life-changing benefits from a company you can trust. Email ehewitt@respira-international.com to start your offsetting journey with a difference today.


Gina Woolley

REDD+ Technical Officer

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