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BCP Champion High Integrity Carbon Markets under IETA Membership

As one of Africa’s leading REDD+ developers, with our community project areas spanning over 1.2 million hectares and reaching over 230,000 beneficiaries, we take our role as setting an ethical and transparent example on the continent very seriously.

In 2024 BCP is excited to announce that we are officially a member of the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA). IETA comprises members from across the carbon trading cycle, establishing effective market-based trading systems for greenhouse gas emissions and removals that are environmentally robust, fair, open, efficient, accountable, and consistent across national boundaries. IETA is also a recognized observer of the UNFCCC UN.

Its mission aligns with BCP’s own mission of making conservation of wildlife habitat valuable to people through community-led nature-based solutions that tackle the issues of climate change in a holistic and sustainable way that benefits community and conservation.

BCP’s CEO explains why it was so important for BCP to take this next step in our development to be a part of IETA;

‘’The impacts of climate change are undeniably real, with growing pressures from shifting weather patterns posing alarming threats to food security and livelihoods. The evidence of benefits from carbon finance is clear. In this critical moment, pausing is a luxury we cannot afford; we must strive for both scale and continuous improvement simultaneously.’’

Nic continues,

‘’ BCP is honored to be acknowledged as a member of IETA and is committed to supporting its mission to champion high-integrity markets. It is of particular to interest to us the work that IETA is doing on the potential of international carbon market approaches, identifying how Article 6 implementation could encourage businesses to accelerate climate action and nations to advance more ambitious commitments.’’

Nic Mudaly, BCP CEO.

IETA brings together experienced carbon market practitioners and stakeholders in new emissions markets to share lessons learned and best practices. IETA seeks continuous improvement in carbon pricing systems, including innovations to advance natural climate solutions.

“Forests are one of the most important and impactful sources of carbon reductions there are, and it’s essential that we provide market incentives for growing these vital carbon sinks if we’re going to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement,” said Dirk Forrister, CEO of IETA.

“I’m delighted to welcome BioCarbon Partners to the IETA family; their membership of IETA is yet another sign that climate ambition is spreading to all corners of the globe.”

To find out more about BCP’s life-changing impacts visit us at https://bcp.earth/


  • Empower businesses to engage in climate action and pursue net zero ambitions to advance the Paris Agreement’s objectives, and
  • Establish effective market-based trading systems for GHG emissions and reductions that are environmentally robust, fair, open, efficient, accountable, and consistent across national boundaries.



Nic Mudaly

BCP Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of BCPZ

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