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Conservation Updates

Celebrating Women in Conservation for Female Rangers Week 2024

World Female Ranger Week amplifies the voices of female rangers around the world to support their impactful work; Protecting wildlife, empowering women, and uplifting communities.

From protecting endangered species to leading community conservation projects, female rangers are achieving remarkable milestones every day. Their hard work and dedication are transforming the landscape of wildlife protection and inspiring future generations as they face off with poachers and wild animals in the line of duty. ⁠

A predominantly male-dominated profession, less than 11% of the World’s rangers are women, and it is women like BCP’s own Conservation Coordinator, Mutale Mwila, who are breaking these traditional beliefs and paving the way for women in Africa.

As part of her role, Mutale works with BCP-supported Community Scouts, and she knew that to work with the Scouts she needed to understand exactly what it is like to work in resource protection on the ground. Here’s what Mutale has to say,

“Four years ago, I made a bold decision that forever changed my life: I committed to Ranger training. Today, as we celebrate World Female Ranger Week, I reflect on the incredible journey it has been.

Choosing to become a Ranger wasn’t just about a career path; it was a deeply personal decision to challenge myself, break barriers, and contribute meaningfully to conservation efforts. Over the years, I’ve faced challenges, learned invaluable skills, gained respect, and forged bonds with fellow Rangers that are rooted in shared passion and purpose.

This journey has taught me resilience, courage, and the importance of perseverance in the face of adversity. As a woman in this field, I’m proud to stand alongside inspiring female Rangers worldwide who are breaking stereotypes and making a significant impact in conservation and community empowerment.

To all aspiring Rangers, especially women considering this path: Embrace the challenge, trust in your abilities, and know that your voice and contribution are invaluable in protecting our planet’s biodiversity. Together, we can create a future where nature thrives and future generations can enjoy our planet’s beauty.

Here’s to celebrating the spirit of adventure, conservation, and empowerment this World Female Ranger Week”.

BCP currently supports 65 Community Scouts, 34% of whom are women, in the Luangwa to Lower Zambezi Valley carrying out vital resource protection efforts to conserve Zambia’s wild spaces.

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