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Conservation Updates

Happy World Lion Day!

How do you identify lions?

By their spots… their unique whisker spot patterns to be precise! Each lion has its own unique whisker pattern that sets it apart from all other lions (just like our fingerprints), making this the accepted method of lion identification in the scientific community!

We love lions and any chance to celebrate them we will take it. As today marks World Lion Day we thought it was worth mentioning just how important protecting their natural habitats are. The IUCN classifies these magnificent animals as ‘vulnerable’ with an estimated 25,000 lions remaining in Africa’s wild spaces. The majority of these populations occur in protected areas, and it is why conserving wildlife corridors under our REDD+ model is vital to keeping lions, their habitat, and their prey base safe. As well as ensuring the communities who live alongside these corridors are supported through forest carbon fees instead of relying on wildlife corridors to survive.

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Marilet Louw

Conservation Manager

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