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Jumbe Chiefdom in Zambia’s Eastern Province Empowers Women

Introducing Faustina, Marcels, Ruth, Brenda, Ayaless, Saphira, Rosemary, Royce, Joyce, and Loyce – The Poultry Farmers breaking barriers and paving the way in Mphata Village of Jumbe Chiefdom, Eastern Province.

The Mpahata Women’s Group of Jumbe Chiefdom, Eastern Province, Zambia.

“We feel empowered and excited to have the opportunity to run our own business. With the revenue from the first round of chickens sold we have invested in EVEN MORE, we improved infrastructure for the coop, and we have plans to start goat rearing with the revenue we forecast will come in based on our sales projections. To just live we need money to pay for education for our children, food for our families, and for seeds to plant with. But with this income, we can see beyond that, and can see a real sustainable business to help enhance our families’ way of living in the long term”.

Rosemary, Mphata Women’s Group, Jumbe.

Through Forest Carbon Fees generated under the Luangwa Community Forests Project, Jumbe Community Forest Management Group supports 9 Village Action Groups in Jumbe Chiefdom, and each Village Action Group supports 2 Women’s Groups in Poultry Farming. Each of the groups is made up of 10-15 women from the community who have been selected by their fellow community members. This initiative by Jumbe Chiefdom is bringing direct income opportunities to 230 women in the Chiefdom, and by family extension – supports over 1,000 people in Jumbe.

Empowering women not only benefits the women but their families and communities as well. These empowered women can help produce more economic output for their communities and act as driving forces to enact real change that gives women access to decision-making at a higher level.

This is just one of the many ways that REDD+ is working in the Luangwa valley to empower women and bring life-changing revenue to communities while conserving the forests and combating climate change.

Find out more about the award-winning LCFP project here.

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