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World Environment Day 2022

On 6 June 2022, BCP had the privilege of joining Ministry of Green Economy and Environment – Zambia and partners in Mumbwa to commemorate the UN Environment Programme‘s World Environment Day 2022 – #OnlyOneEarth .
It was such an important opportunity to come together with our fellow environmental organizations to share knowledge, and look ahead at how we can all work together with the newly established ministry to preserve Zambia’s natural resources while working to grow Zambia’s green economy.
BCP’s ICEO, Nic Mudaly was asked to speak at the event,

“We thank the government of Zambia with special mention to the Forestry Department/ DNPW and Dpt of agriculture and off course the communities and patrons our Royal Highnessess for their belief in this concept of conversation known as REDD+.

When BCP was founded in 2012, we named ourselves BioCarbon Partners because we knew that forest conservation the fight against climate change could not be done alone. For, together, we have demonstrated that it is possible to deliver high value carbon offsets right here in Zambia.

Over 7million tons carbon of Carbon emissions reduced to date. Over 580million trees protected. Over 225,000 beneficiaries and over 100mil kwacha invested. We understand that there is a direct link between economic deprivation and a dependency on the forests, which is why we work so hard to link the infrastructure and livelihood benefits that communities are receiving to conservation finance.

I was so pleased to see an example of co-existence in Simalaha through the Barotse Royalty establishment and PPF. Wildlife/ Cattle and people living in harmony.

I am pleased to announce to that we intend on bringing this same success and benefit from Eastern Province to the Kafue Park Region including forest areas surrounding Mumbwa. Unlocking climate finance to create a sustainable middle income by 2030 supporting the Ministry of Green Economies 8 NDP. We have last year completed our feasibility study and upon the necessary approvals from FD we shall commence with bringing benefit to communities that support climate change and forest conservation from day 1.

One Zambia, One Nation, One Planet – Our Vision – to make conservation of wildlife habitat beneficial to people”.

BCP ICEO, Nic Mudaly.

We are #strongertogether – partnership is in our very name.


Nic Mudaly

BCP Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of BCPZ

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