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Climate Action

Beyond Carbon


By creating community forest programs, the impacts are abundant!

Communities are able to: provide recreational opportunities; protect vital water supplies; safeguard wildlife habitats; sequester carbon; provide demonstration sites for private forests and for adaptation initiatives; while deriving financial and community benefits from sustainable land management.

The list is endless!

These forests are managed according to a community forest plan that guides the long-term management of, and associated community benefits of community forests by the community. This is supported by developers such as ourselves, at BCP (BioCarbon Partners), through government facilitation.

Our Luangwa Community Forests Project – initially supported through USAID, has positively enabled an opportunity for companies to invest in projects with the aim of maximizing climate impact.

A win for climate, community, and conservation.

Read more about The Lunagwa Community Forests Project



Nic Mudaly

BCP Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of BCPZ

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