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Community Updates

REDD+: Bringing Life-Changing Impacts to Community Partners

For the first time in its history, Kamwenshya Village in Mpanshya Chiefdom has boreholes in the village, as a direct result of the revenue generated from forest carbon fees.

The village has gone without access to clean water for so long that this simple, yet basic investment has been life-changing. The community relied solely on shallow wells and streams, which during the rainy season become clogged with mud and debris, rendering them unhygienic and malaria-ridden. A dilapidated road network leading to the village meant access to drill a borehole was impossible. With the money generated from forest carbon fees from the LCFP, the Community Resource Board invested in improving the condition of the roads, making it possible for them to invest in the drilling of 4 boreholes in the village.

Benefiting over 217,000 people across 12 Chiefdoms, and together with Zambian Government and community partners, helping to protect over 1 million hectares of forest, the LCFP, under the REDD+ model is bringing life-changing impacts to some of the most vulnerable communities in Eastern and Lusaka Provinces in Zambia. To find out more about how REDD+ works and the other ways that it is bringing transformational benefits to our community partners visit https://biocarbonpartners.com/our-work/our-work/

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