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Conservation Updates

Passing Out Parade Zambia - for the good of African Conservation

We can’t think of a more exciting way to wrap up 2023 and kick off 2024 than by welcoming 47 new Community Scouts (8 female and 39 male) to the BCP conservation team!

Coming from Chiefdoms across the LCFP, the newly graduated recruits are proudly represented by Jumbe, Nsefu, Mnkhanya, Luembe, Chitungulu, and Mwanya Chiefdoms… and for the first time, BCP-supported Community Scouts graduated from Kazembe, Chembe, Mboroma, and Mwape Chiefdoms.
The Passing Out Parade took place at Nyamaluma Wildlife Training School after months of rigorous training conducted and overseen by the Department of National Parks & Wildlife, one of our most valued #ConservationPartners

Putting communities at the heart of resource protection, and having the intel, knowledge, and local understanding from our Community Scouts goes a LONG way in protecting Zambia’s wild spaces.

These dedicated Scouts serve as our eyes and ears on the ground, playing a crucial role in safeguarding our natural environment – we salute you all!


Charles-Albert Petre, PhD

Carbon Specialist

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